Cocktails by the Dumpster
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To me, the artistic merit of my new CD is in the manner it reaches out. The strength of this music and its relationship to my two previous CDs is the clear expression of the voice of experience. Although my songs are intensely subjective and personal, fans and reviewers often remark on the emotional chord they strike in them. I recall more than one man saying to me, "We must have gone out with the same women!" Effective writing and art always stem from personal experience and unique expression.

I'd like to introduce a couple of examples:

My Baby's got a Problem is a tongue-in-cheek track. Written 'cause, just like when Joe Cocker sings, "You can leave your hat on..." and the women in the front rows start stripping off their other clothes, I needed to have a song of that sort in my repertoire, too. Do you blame me? It's a Stripper Tune and I hope it'll be played a lot in dimly lit bars with the appropriate behaviour to accompany it.

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Ooops, I made a mistake again is self explanatory... Ooops, I hope I said enough.

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Both tunes humorously convey the angst and self doubt many will identify with. Ideas of self-awareness and the challenges which life hands us are the themes of my new CD, Cocktails by the Dumpster, available NOW...!

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